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Hammerhead 586 slate PC

Ruggedised slate PC – AMD “586” @ 133MHz, 32MB RAM, 1GB CF boot drive I picked this computer up off eBay for $26. This beast is machined from a single block of aluminium (years before Apple!!). It is a bit of a slug, especially running Windows 98, but it’s more than capable of running solitaire which is great with the...

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Sharp PC-7100

Portable/luggable PC – Sharp 8088 @ 10MHz(??), 640kB RAM, 20MB hard drive, 360kB floppy drive I found this machine many years ago while walking home from school (around 1998-1999 as a rough guess). Sitting on the nature strip left out for the hard rubbish collection, covered in dust and looking very sad. I was curious what sort of machine it...

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Micro-Professor MPF-1P

Z80 practice board – Z80 @ 3.8MHz, 4kB RAM, 20 character VFD display My brother saved this computer from the bin at work. It’s a small “practice board” for learning Z80 assembler. Not terribly useful to me as far as learning assembler goes but it is an interesting addition to the collection. This computer was made by a company called...

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