Monthly Archive: June, 2011

Gameboy PLCC EEPROM Cartridge

Some pictures of a failed project that I never got working properly and lost interest in. I removed the standard ROM on a Gameboy cartridge and soldered a bunch of wires in its place. I then wired in a PLCC socket with the intention of burning ROM’s into a PLCC EEPROM, but the games never got any further than the...


PLCC adapter

I ordered a set of DIP-PLCC adapters off eBay so I could program a chip to test a Gameboy cartridge I had modified (my EEPROM burner has a 40pin ZIF DIP socket), but there were delays in the postage. I was sick of waiting so thought I’d have a crack at making my own. I drilled out the centre of...


ArduinoISP adapter

A small adapter I made for programming Atmel chips, based on the ArduinoISP circuit from the Arduino website. I managed to cram the circuit onto a fairly small piece of veroboard by hiding the crystal capacitors inside the socket along with some of the links to get power to both sides of the chip being programmed The circuit performed flawlessly. After burning...

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