Monthly Archive: July, 2011

Change gear cover knobs

The change-gear cover on my lathe was held on using some very poorly made allen/hex style bolts. These were a pain to remove each time you wanted to change gears, but I’d seen on a few websites that people had made some knurled knobs with a threaded shaft to hold the cover down instead. I made these in two parts,...

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First Chips

While I had messed around with the lathe while setting it up and getting the hang of using it, this was my first “real” bit of turning. I wanted a simple first project so I was looking around the garage for some inspiration, I spotted an old fire extinguisher my brother found a while back and an idea popped into...

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Lathe bench build

I’d been eyeing off mini-lathes on eBay for years, and finally caved in and purchased one mid-late 2010.¬†While waiting for the lathe to be delivered I started looking into buying or building a bench for it to live on. I decided to build one so I could make it to fit exactly where I planed to setup the lathe. A...

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