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After much tweaking, fiddling and procrastinating I have finally been able to successfully mill a PCB!

The only minor issue I had was with the drill file created by the PCB-GCode script which would not load correctly into LinuxCNC. Luckily this is a step that I can complete manually using my PCB drill.

The results are excellent, the finish is amazing and I am so very happy I won’t have to mess with PCB etchants and toner transfer ever again!

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    • Thanks for the comment, some interesting points mentioned at the website linked!

      In my case the backplane style construction was chosen to segment the design of the computer as much as for look/feel reasons with cards to plug in. Will be sure to have a good look through the linked website when I get a chance.

      Sadly this project hasn’t progressed much past where the pictures show, neither has this blog… Found myself with a whole let less time for projects after building a house, moving, getting married etc.

      With some luck I hope to get stuck back into some of the projects listed here in the new year, along with document some of the things I have worked on since I last updated this blog.

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