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Milled PCB Test

A few pictures of a test run trying out isolation PCB routing. GCode was generated using the PCB-Gcode script for Eagle, using the backplane board from my 6502 project as input.

Part way through the run I noticed that the mill was slightly out of alignment on the X-axis, this was causing shallow track cuts which got progressively worse the further along the X-axis the program went. A quick adjustment of the gantry seems to have fixed this but some further testing is required. I also need to tweak feed rates and cut depths, but the test went very well!

Completed Mill

Some pictures of the finished mill and the first cuts of my own design. Prior to this I had done some test cuts using the default “LinuxCNC” logo, the very first cut was actually flipped on the Y-axis… Configuration fail!

Mill Build

Another one of those cool “toys” I thought I would never be able to afford but lusted after all the same. With the availability of cheap stepper motors, driver circuits and free software (LinuxCNC), CNC mills are starting to become quiet affordable for home use.

Of course there are limitations. Just like my lathe this mill is only a baby, limited in its capabilities as far as speed, power and accuracy, there is no fair comparision to “real” CNC mills. But for most tasks that I will be using it for it is more than good enough.

This mill was built from a kit, purchased from Zen Tool Works. They sell pretty much everything you need to get a small CNC mill up and running, are quick to respond to emails and have a very handy Wiki style help area and forum.